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The importance of spending time with kids individually

With all of the daily drop-offs, pick-ups, errands to run, jobs to do and work piled on top of that – our household is a busy one. If you filmed us for one of those time-lapse videos for a day it would probably have the Benny Hill theme tune as the sound track. It’s easy […]

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Cholera Pie {from Winter Cabin Cooking}

My mum found this lovely vegetarian recipe in Sainsbury’s magazine, where Aggie MacKenzie (of How Clean Is Your House? fame – who it transpires is as much a whizz in the kitchen as she is at telling people their homes are minging) had tried out a recipe for Heaven and Earth pie from Winter Cabin Cooking […]

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Father’s Day: 20 thoughtful gifts that cost nothing

There are lots of great Father’s Day gifts you can buy, but let’s focus on the more important stuff – thoughtful gifts that cost absolutely zilch! Most of these are intended to be things you can help the kids to do for their dads, but no reason why many of them can’t be transferred to your own dad […]

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Blog love: 4 heroes of peace and calm

I haven’t really made any firm resolutions this year… other than learning from a frantic 2016, vowing to make sure that my 2017 contains much more peace, calm, space and time, and to make sure I stick to what The Curve is all about… keeping thing SIMPLE. So, to kick off this year’s posts, here are […]

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My Day In Food #1: Dave Smith

MY DAY IN FOOD Family life through the gastronomical glue that holds it together Welcome to the first of a brand new regular feature, My Day in Food! Food is such a staple of family life – full of traditions both old and new, mealtimes are a time for families to bond and regroup, not to […]

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Father’s Day Part 1: 20 great gifts for under £50

It’s that time of year again when women all over the country tear out their hair trying to think of a suitable present for their menfolk aka The Species Most Impossible To Buy For. Or at least, I do. I find buying gifts for my own husband hard enough, but for my own Pops it’s even tougher, […]

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How to drink more water – the Citrus Zinger!

I have never drunk enough water. Pretty much any article I read these days tells me I need to sort this out. Clear your skin…. DRINK MORE WATER! Feeling tired?…   DRINK MORE WATER! Speed up your brain… DRINK MORE WATER! A bit grumpy?… DRINK MORE WATER! Can’t find the house keys?…. DRINK MORE WATER! You […]

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Coconut & Strawberry Loaf {sugar-free, gluten-free recipe from Mum Amie}

This is a great little recipe from Mum Amie that I pinched from my friend Cristina after happily gobbling it at her house. Huey had gone round to play with her daughter Eva and Cristina had kindly done some baking for us! It’s brilliant for the kiddos because it’s got absolutely no processed sugar in it at all […]

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Pumpkin, lentil, allspice & apricot pilaf {from The Five O’Clock Apron}

I’ve said it before, I’m really not the world’s best cook… but honestly… after making this dinner I felt like Masterchef Of All Time. It was bloody amazing, even if I do say so myself! My husband is a far better cook than me, and I’m used to him being the one producing all the […]

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Easy family meals: Sweet Potato Falafel recipe {vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free}

Being a busy mum I need recipes that taste ace but are super-easy to make. I absolutely LOVE food but I am not the world’s greatest cook. I’m too impatient to lavish the care, time and attention necessary to produce something really spectacular. However, I’m a massive greedy-guts and love nothing more than making something really […]

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