Now that summer is nearly upon us, like many of us desperate-for-sun Brits I’ve started hotfooting it down to the beach at the faintest whiff of reasonable weather… as per usual, carting craploads of nonsense with me – kids’ toys, cameras, books, blankets, changes of clothing, snacks, towels, suncream, blah blah blah (who ARE those women in the adverts who head down to the beach with only a kaftan, a book and a pair of expensive sunglasses???)

Until now I’ve been lugging all this crap around in a sophisticated combo of my everyday handbag that always flops open to welcome loads of sand inside and those massive crumpled bright blue IKEA bags. In a bid to try to keep my handbag sand-free and generate a modicum more style than the IKEA bags afford, I feel it’s time to finally purchase a proper beach bag. Happily there are some beauties out there, so I thought I’d share them with you lovely folk. There is still no way that everything will fit in one bag but at least with one of these beauties nestling amongst it, the Caravan of Crap will look slightly more tasteful…

1. Superdry woven beach bag, ASOS, £44.99

2. Pom pom straw orange/pink grab bag, John Lewis, £35

3. Ombre string shopper bag, ASOS, £10

4. Print canvas bag, Topshop, £15

5. Vero Moda zig zag beach bag, ASOS, £22

6. Dar Leone Buchi raspberry beach bag, Trouva, £42

7. Metallic/pattern reversible beach bag, Next, £35

8. Mimi convertible yellow tote backpack, Urban Outfitters, £39

9. Palma rattan backpack, Free People, £68

10. Watermelon beach bag, H&M, £3.99