We’re so excited to launch The Curve’s group 365 iPhone project!

I’m running my own 365 iPhone project over on my photography blog, but seeing as everyone seemed to really enjoy the group photography project we ran over the summer on The Curve’s Facebook page, I decided to open up this project to the Curve reader clan too!

Every day I’ll be posting an iPhone photo on The Curve’s Facebook page, along with some words – it will be just a photo of anything that catches my eye that day – it could be people, an object, a scene, absolutely anything, just a little photo-journal of my everyday life.

We’d love it if you guys got involved and joined in with this project with your own 365 project photos!

All you need to do is:

1) Each day take a photo on your phone of whatever catches your eye / means something to you / interests you, anything at all.

2) Visit The Curve’s Facebook page and find my photo for that day – it will be posted directly onto the timeline at the end of each day (also you can look in the ‘365 iPhone project’ album inside the ‘Photos’ tab). Post your photo in the comments underneath my photo for that day, along with a caption/description that can be as brief or as detailed as you like.

That’s it!

I’m so excited to see these precious little glimpses into your lives and what you are up to – please do come and join in, the more the merrier!