Hope I’m not jinxing anything here but I think it could finally be springtime… shh… don’t tell the Met office, they might ruin it with reports of more snow. Witnessing the birds busying themselves outside, tiny shoots popping up in the garden and, after endless requests, raiding the local pound shop for Easter bonnet making materials, I was inspired to pull out some of our favourite springtime related children’s books.

Du Iz Tak
By Carson Ellis (2016)

This beautifully illustrated concept book has a fun, made-up language of its own but shows a child that you can work out any language even if you don’t understand it. This is a short tale of a group of insects who find a mystery green shoot and follows the events as it unfurls and grows.

Make Way For Ducklings
By Robert McCloskey (1941)

A merry tale of a family of Mallard Ducks looking for a home in central Boston.

The Odd Egg
By Emily Gravett (2016)

Duck can’t lay an egg himself so when he stumbles upon an abandoned egg he nurtures it. The other birds ridicule him but his pride does not flounder… even when the egg hatches and they’re all in for a big surprise.

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go
By Britta Teckentrup & Patricia Hegarty (2015)

A poem travels through this book page to page, along with intricately detailed illustrations of a tree and all of its inhabitants changing and adjusting throughout the seasons. Gorgeous colours and paper cut-outs make this book a treat.