52 Project – a photo a week, every week, of each of my two lads

I spend a lot of time photographing other families and other people’s children as part of my job. I absolutely love to do this, and enjoy every minute. It’s so easy, though, to then put the camera away when you get home and want to relax, and to miss out on taking similar photographs of your own little clan.

I’m determined to try to ensure that I spend as much time using my camera to document and preserve memories of my own family and children as I spend happily doing this for other people, so I have committed to doing a 52 project as a running feature of this blog. I did attempt one last year, but unfortunately it fell by the wayside at Week 23 as wedding season hit – my busiest time of year work-wise – I’ve resolved to not let the same happen again this year!

Here we go…!

Photo by Anna Hardy

We got snow this week! I was just wondering what I could shoot for the 52 project this week, looked out of the window and there it was! Great timing from our good old British weather. Trying to get Joe to look at the camera in any kind of natural way is getting harder now he’s getting older – he swings from being super-coy to a total show-off. I love this picture of him though. I’m so biased but I think he’s so handsome and I love that he’s kept his freckles.

Photo by Anna Hardy

This was the first time Huey saw proper snow! There have been a few feeble efforts over the winter, but nothing that really settled like this. We popped out to the park this morning and made Huey’s first snowman. He absolutely loved him. When Huey met Snowy…

Do any of you also do a 52 Project or similar? I’d love to hear about any plans or projects you have – please feel free to link to them in the comments!