52 Project – a photo a week, every week, of each of my two lads

Photo by Anna Hardy

We had a lovely sunny day this week so I took Huey to the local farm to see the animals, tractors and have a romp around in the mud. He still hasn’t quite got the hang of wearing wellies and was walking round like he’d got iron boots on. His favourite animals this time were the goats. At the moment, when you ask him, “What do the {insert name of animal} say?” he just blows a massive raspberry. Cos that’s the noise that ALL the animals make apparently.

Photo by Anna Hardy

It’s so much harder to do a 52 project with kids once they are at school – partly because they’re out of the house for most of the daylight hours, and partly because even when they’re at home, other than weekends they’re in their school uniform pretty much all of the time (am I the only one whose kid weirdly refuses to change out of it when he gets home?) and you don’t really want every picture to be of them in their school shirt and tie. So I had to pounce on the poor lad when he’d just woken up. Here he is, sat on his bed, slightly dazzled, bleary-eyed and not massively up for being photographed. This is his ‘tolerating Mum’ face.

Do any of you also do a 52 Project or similar? I’d love to hear about any plans or projects you have – please feel free to link to them in the comments!