Manchester family kids portrait photographer

We all love taking pictures of our kids, but sometimes it’s really nice to get someone else to take them for us. This even applies to us photographers, possibly even more so, as we’re ALWAYS on the other side of the camera. I have lots of lovely pictures of my own kids, but I’m very rarely, if ever, actually in them. For the most part, I’m absolutely fine about that (I detest having my picture taken) but at certain milestones in their lives it’s really important to me to have someone else take photos of us together, my own awkward mug and all.

As it’s not possible for most people to have professional pictures taken every year, I get asked a LOT what age is the best age to have your child photographed. So to help simplify this decision,  I wrote a little article here on my photography blog outlining the various advantages of the different ages so that it’s easy to choose the one(s) that are right for you and your family – hopefully you’ll find this useful if you ever find yourself asking this question!