Ask The Clan – words & wisdom from the Curve community

Welcome to our first Ask The Clan feature! The idea behind this is that there’s so much varied knowledge and experience out there amongst us all, so let’s pool it all together and between us we make life a lot easier for each other! Curve readers are free to suggest questions / topics at any time (we’ll regularly put a call out on the Facebook page, but feel free to message us whenever), and each month we’ll pick one and put it to the whole readership who can then chip in with their wonderful advice!

With summer sun now creeping up on us, first up it’s Zoe, who asked about holidays with kids. Whether you’re thinking of booking somewhere last minute for this year, or mulling over holiday plans for next year, check out what our helpful Curve-reader clan had to say below – there are some amazing suggestions in there… many holiday-seeds now very firmly planted in my brain!

“Holidays please. I used to LOVE looking for and planning our holidays as a twosome, but I just ain’t got the time or the patience since we had our little one. The furthest we’ve been is a wet weekend in Wales. He’s 13 months old now and I need some goddamn sun!! But not if that’s an all-inclusive trip to Playa de las wherever. I’ll stay at home thanks. Tots to Travel has been my only find so far. More recommendations would be ace.” (Zoe)



THE BEDRUTHAN HOTEL – awesome. It’s the only place I’ve been where they really, really cater well for families with young children. None of it feels like an afterthought, and nothing is too much trouble. They have a toddler meal service in the restaurant before they do the evening service, they have all sorts of toys / games / activities around and yet it’s still an awesome place to stay for the grown ups too (great bar, nice pool, amazing scenery and views). Plus it’s a short walk down the hill to the beach. It’s brilliant. “ (Sam)
“I second the Bedruthan Hotel… I have so many people say how amazing it is, how it’s fabulous for kids, without even having any of my own! I had a couple who eloped to Cornwall stay there because of how child friendly it is.” (Debs)

FOWEY HALL HOTEL – the actual toad hall. Very kiddy friendly and luxurious. A wonderful place in a fab spot.” (Jordanna)

VINTAGE VACATIONS – hoping to go to the Isle of White at some point in the near future. If only to stay in one of these beauties…” (Zoe)

FFOREST would be amazing!” (Katie)

CENTER PARCS – another place I had reservations about, but again we absolutely loved it, so perfect for little ones. We find that if Ted’s happy then we’re happy & that makes for a relaxing holiday!” (Jenna)

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LE SÉRIGNAN PLAGE – we’ve gone here three years in a row (I’m here just now!) It’s great for toddlers, there is sun and just ‘enough’ to keep kiddies entertained, right on the beach, 20 mins from the airport… AND you can buy wine for 2 Euros a litre WIN WIN! Ps. We stay in the Cabanes (really comfortable TV, dishwasher, coffee maker, decking, hammock and loads of room also includes two bikes one with a baby seat on back for the length of your duration) can’t recommend it enough. It’s pretty chilled out (has adult only spa area too!) and always has lovely people here. If you have a wee one you just ask for the baby pack when you book and you get IKEA high chair, bath and a decent size cot all in your Cabane ready for when you arrive. We have stayed at the Cabane Robinson and Cardinere ones and both are great! You can also book direct with the site here” (Lisa)

EUROCAMP – France. Ace.” (Michelle)
“We’re just looking at booking a Eurocamp holiday for September. It’s what we did as kids, so much fun & so relaxed” (Jenna)

CALA’N BOSCH in Menorca is great for families. Lots to do.” (Rosemary)

LAS PALMERAS in Catalonia, Spain. We booked Las Palmeras for this year because of Archie’s age. We wanted self catering and somewhere for them to meet other kids their age – but we are going non-peak. I’ve also made enquiries for some of the other options on the list for next year. The Guardian also do great ‘Best of’ self-catering lists for France. (Mary)

MARTINHAL SAGRES in Portugal apparently is amazing” (Laura)

ALBUFEIRA – we’ve just come back from Portugal, stayed in a villa with two other couples and their kids. Was brilliant! Having other adults around meant you could relax a bit during the day (and have a conversation!) which isn’t always possible if just you / two of you and a mobile toddler. Was great having our own pool, lots of shaded play areas and self catering meant we could be really flexible. We were in walking distance of shops and the beach so didn’t need to worry about a hire car or car seats. Evenings were lovely too as we weren’t confined to a hotel room, but had a livingroom and outdoor dining spaces. We went for a villa large enough to ensure the kids had their own bedrooms too. Worked out about the same price as an all inclusive. Portugal also seemed really cheap for food and drink. Loved it! (Rachel)

AMMOS and ALMYRA hotels in Greece are amazing” (Caro)

MARK WARNER SKI HOLIDAYS – we did one last year which I must admit I had HUGE reservations about as we don’t normally do package holidays! However it was brilliant, so geared up for children & Ted just loved it.” (Jenna)

FAMILY ADVENTURE ACTIVITY HOLIDAYS – I spotted this article a few weeks ago and bookmarked it – it looks great!” (Anna)



PHUKET, THAILAND – currently here with a 2 year old. All having a great time. Great mix for adults and kids. Only a few children around, so don’t feel like we are on a play centre holiday. All the Thai people are super friendly and love Noah. He loves swimming in the warm water, looking at the fish + wildlife. He sleeps during the hottest part of the day and we sit on our decking and drink gin! Off to a water park today, perfect.” (Adam)

ELITE ISLAND RESORTS have a great resort called St. James’s Club & Villas and St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, St. Lucia. I visited both last year and they were amazing. Great for kids with loads of activities. Cannot recommend them enough if you want to go to the Caribbean with kiddos.” (Kelly)

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BABY FRIENDLY BOLTHOLES – I’ve had a couple of recommendations to use their website to find somewhere. They also hire out baby clobber so you don’t have to take it all with you!” (Helen)

KID & COE – defo work a look. Something for every budget from swanky villas for groups of friends / family to cute apartments for two (with baby). And given the name you can be sure that kids are welcome. Go see… We’ve just booked a fairly cheap city break in Lisbon. Check out the adorable nursery…” (Zoe)
“Kid & Coe have some amazing properties, not used them but have booked an apartment in Amsterdam. Just looking at the apartments makes me want to go on holiday!” (Becky)

FAMILY TRAVELLER is a great resource and their Facebook page is lovely to follow if you don’t already” (Anna)

MY TRAVEL MONKEY – I follow these on Facebook. There are always lots of ideas for great holidays on there ranging from city breaks to luxury getaways, there are also lots of links to other family friendly travel resources too. Happy travels!” (Michelle)


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, there’s so much ace stuff here to look at! If you have any other great holidaying-with-kids suggestions, please do pop them in the comments below!