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Quick home workouts for tired and busy parents

“What did we do with all our time before we had a kid???”… said every parent ever. As most parents do, I go through busy phases that only leave a small window of potential fitness/social/hobby time between life’s responsibilities and being eye-rollingly knackered. I am nowhere close to being a fitness expert but I do like […]

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Kids’ parties: gift buying on a budget

My eldest started school in September; her new Monday to Friday parallel dimension has opened up a whole new world for us including a steady stream of birthday party invites. I’m not complaining as it’s lovely that her new buddies want her to be there for the celebration, but whoa there.. it’s easy to get […]

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Family Jukebox playlist #5: Fathers’ Day Dad-Dancing Special

Family Jukebox: a family-friendly musical jaunt We regularly share recommendations of what we’ve been listening to with our family… music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids’ music’. Some new music to the grown ups and some old which is totally fresh and potentially mind blowing to the kids… it’s great to see their […]

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Little Books for Big Questions #2: A New Sibling On The Way

We regularly feature a book that we feel will help those important little people in our lives get their head around some of those big, mind-blowing questions and quandaries. This month it’s a biggie… A new baby in the family. One of the biggest seismic, universe-altering experiences that can happen to a very young soon-to-be big […]

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Easy kids’ craft project – Plant pots

I’ve been trying to take full advantage of the Mancunian sunshine this week by literally attempting to live outdoors at any opportunity. Here’s one.. an easy plant pot decorating project that Orla my 4 year old daughter loved, it’s not a super stylish scandi chic minimalist look but she could be as meticulous or as […]

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8 unisex bags for grown ups (to carry all of the kids’ stuff around in!)

Whether you’re efficient and organised or just a straight up ‘chuck everything in the bag and go’ type, when you’re out with at least one child you do end up needing something that you can access easily, carry comfortably, actually find stuff in and be able to keep relatively clean… with a bonus of it […]

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Family Jukebox: Playlist #3

Family Jukebox: a family-friendly musical jaunt Bringing you our recommendations of what we’ve been listening to as a family.. music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids music’. One of my favourite things is daft dancing with my 4 year old daughter, singing along and hearing her get the lyrics of the songs […]

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Orla’s book of the week: Mr Tiger Goes Wild

The first of our new regular feature… our little peoples’ Book Of The Week – first up, Orla! Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (Publisher – Little, Brown and Company) “Everyone was perfectly fine with the way things were. Everyone but Mr. Tiger. And then came the day when Mr. Tiger had a very…wild…idea.” I’m a sucker […]

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April Showers! {8 great shower-proof jackets & umbrellas}

It’s stopped raining… Oh… it’s started again! Hang on, the sun’s out!! It’s April, we have no idea what the weather is doing. Here are a few lightweight, easy to throw on, shower-proof jackets that definitely don’t scream Countryfile. 1. ASOS Ladies Arrow print Pac-A-Mac £25.00 2. Missguided @ ASOS Girls/Ladies Holographic raincoat £28.00 3. Inspitalfields Goggles umbrella […]

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Really easy April Fools’ Day tricks to pull on the kids!

Photo by Anna Hardy Not got any fake dog poo, plastic bugs or a whoopee cushion handy? That’s alright.. you don’t need them. We’ve got some easy April Fools’ Day tricks right here using everyday stuff, mild acts of mischief (and just plain old mind games).. Topsy Turvy house Before you go to bed turn […]

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