I don’t know if any of you do too, but when I was a kid I clearly remember having some nail polish that peeled off. I thought it was the best thing ever….. And now aged 37 I am once again the proud owner of the same thing (only in much nicer colours than the grim putrid pink of the childhood Barbie version!)

I do love nail polish, but as a busy mum, I just generally find that it’s too much of a ball ache. I’m not great at putting it on… I always realise there’s something I need to do before it dries… It invariably chips within a day and I can’t be arsed taking it all off with nail polish remover, so I walk around looking like a 9 year old with shitty nails for around 2 weeks until it finally decides I’m not worthy of its presence, gives up on me altogether and chips itself off.

If you’ve not already come across it… Introducing Little Ondine! My lovely friend Michelle bought me some of this amazing stuff for my birthday last year… Peel-able, totally natural nail polish. I’d not heard of it before and I’m a total convert.

Some of my favourites

Some of my favourites

10 reasons to love Little Ondine:

1. It PEELS OFF. This is fun.

2. As soon as it starts to chip off, you can get rid of it in seconds without nail polish remover, so you never have to walk around with your nails looking crap.

3. It dries really quickly. Perfect if you’re short on time (who isn’t?)

4. It’s odour free – no chemical smells so you can do it in public if you’re in a rush without asphyxiating people.

5. It comes in LOADS of ace colours, including cute little twin sets and sparkly ones if you fancy crazy disco nails.

6. You don’t need to own or use nail polish remover. That stuff always sets my teeth on edge as well as being pretty toxic.

7. It’s all natural ingredients – natural resin, organic colourants and water. No harmful chemicals.

8. It’s really thick and you can get perfectly good coverage with just one coat. Two is ideal if you have time, but if you’re pushed, one will do.

9. If you make a mistake (which I do EVERY time) and go over onto your skin, you just wait for it to dry (not long – see point 3!) then pick off the overspill.

10. If you’ve got kids who like mucking about with nail polish, it’s brill knowing that it’s non-toxic and can be peeled off most stuff if (when!) spilled.

Go grab some!