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My Mini-Print Wall: Instagram photo display

Fancy a quick and easy way to display loads of your photos? One that looks great, costs very little and takes up as much or as little space as you like? Printing and framing family photos and putting them on our walls is something we all intend to do, but many of us rarely find the time […]

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Father’s Day: 20 thoughtful gifts that cost nothing

There are lots of great Father’s Day gifts you can buy, but let’s focus on the more important stuff – thoughtful gifts that cost absolutely zilch! Most of these are intended to be things you can help the kids to do for their dads, but no reason why many of them can’t be transferred to your own dad […]

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Colourful high street homeware hits

Spring’s arrival always puts me in the mood for giving my house a fresh injection of colour… and I’m so impressed with how much amazing, inexpensive stuff there is on the high street at the moment… Here are 10 picks for some colourful little treasures for the home, all just from Zara, Next or H&M, and all […]

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10 geometric treats for the home

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a total sucker for anything geometric. Here are my picks for some gorgeous geometric homeware gracing the shops today…. Go grab yourself some triangles/squares/circles/parallelograms! 1. Citrine triangle throw, John Lewis, £35 2. Geo tea cosy, Joanna Corney, £25 3. Areaware Table Tiles coasters, Trouva, £19.95 4. A Week of Dish Cloths by Ferm Living, […]

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Blog love: 4 heroes of peace and calm

I haven’t really made any firm resolutions this year… other than learning from a frantic 2016, vowing to make sure that my 2017 contains much more peace, calm, space and time, and to make sure I stick to what The Curve is all about… keeping thing SIMPLE. So, to kick off this year’s posts, here are […]

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10 great rugs for kids’ rooms

If, like me, you have a weakness for a nice rug, you’ll probably at some point have come across the dreaded taste-vacuum that is the world of “kids’ rugs”. So I had a good rummage through the internet to find some ace rugs that will brighten up kids’ rooms without compromising on style and without breaking the bank. […]

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Father’s Day Part 1: 20 great gifts for under £50

It’s that time of year again when women all over the country tear out their hair trying to think of a suitable present for their menfolk aka The Species Most Impossible To Buy For. Or at least, I do. I find buying gifts for my own husband hard enough, but for my own Pops it’s even tougher, […]

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10 kids’ duvet covers: save, spend, splurge

I’ve always been a fan of baby sleeping bags, and kept Joe (now 11 years old) in one until his second birthday when I transferred him out of his cot into a ‘proper’ bed with a duvet. I was expecting to do the same with Huey (19 months) but last week he started tearing off […]

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10 great pieces of wall art for kids’ bedrooms

Decorating nurseries and kids’ bedrooms is great fun and there are some absolutely gorgeous prints out there from some incredible designers, worthy of any wall in the house, kids’ or otherwise. Here are a few of my favourites! 1. Dala Horse poster by Henning Trollbäck, €32 from Fine Little Day 2. Apple Papple poster, €32 […]

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10 great mugs for under £10

I’m very partial to a good mug. To me, drinking from a great mug is such a pleasure, and since I’ve become a bit of a collector over the years, I’ve made them double up as décor in our kitchen by hanging them on a rail. This little display is one of those small things that pleases me inside […]

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