I have never drunk enough water.

Pretty much any article I read these days tells me I need to sort this out.

Clear your skin…. DRINK MORE WATER!
Feeling tired?…   DRINK MORE WATER!
Speed up your brain… DRINK MORE WATER!
A bit grumpy?… DRINK MORE WATER!
Can’t find the house keys?…. DRINK MORE WATER!

You get the idea. I’m sure you’ve read the same.

What these articles don’t tell you is that some of us, such as myself, are afflicted with a complete inability to remember to drink water. On the rare occasion I do remember, it never seems to be a convenient time. But if astonishingly it is convenient for once, and I actually make myself that elusive, miracle glass of water, I can guarantee that 90% of the time it will just sit there on the side for hours, half-drunk, until it gets bits of fluff in it and looks like pond-water and too grim to drink any more. Because… if I’m being completely honest… I know you’re not supposed to feel this way, and ideally we should all be shouting, “I just LOVE water! I can’t get enough of it! Screw all those cordials and juices… you can’t beat good old pure water… I drink gallons of the stuff every day”…. I actually find water really boring.

Yep, I find water boring. Give me some sugary juice drink any day. I know it’s not a fashionable thing to say, but it’s true. I’ll happily drink water with a meal when I’ve got more interesting things to focus my taste buds on… but as for drinking on its own… I just can’t get on board with it. I’ve tried various tactics over the years to drink more water – phone reminders, having a big jug of water on the table, having a nice water bottle, have set times of day to drink water, buy individual bottles of mineral water…. none of them have worked for me.


Until I found the Citrus Zinger!

This thing is brill. You just whack any kind of citrus fruit in the bottom of it (my favourite is lemon, but you can use limes, clementines, any citrus fruit you like), fill it with tap water, and drink it. It tastes ace! I find that one lasts me all morning, then you just refill it at lunchtime (you can change the fruit if you want, but I find that the same fruit happily survives a refill – the second batch is just a little less zingy than the first). It’s the only thing that has reliably made me drink more water, and actually enjoy it!

– It makes water taste ace
– It’s really easy to prepare and use, no faffing – you literally just slice a lemon in half and shove it in.
– It’s got a handy little hoop in the lid so it’s really easy to lug around with you so you don’t forget to drink it
– It’s the perfect size – big enough that it doesn’t run out too quickly, but small enough that it’s not cumbersome
Lemon water is apparently REALLY good for you
– If you get the inclination, you can make a ‘posh’ version using fresh herbs, spices etc – there are loads of recipes here
– You can easily whack some ice in either compartment if you want to
– It’s BPA/Halogen/EA/Phthalates free
– It’s really easy and quick to dismantle and wash
– If you have one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, that’s pretty much the equivalent of your ‘8 glasses a day’ sorted, no need to count loads of little glasses and spend the day running back and forward from the kitchen to refill.
– The neck is just the right size, so it’s easy to pour from if you prefer to drink from a glass, but just as easy to drink straight from the bottle.

The original citrus zinger that I have (as in the photos above) is still available in some shops, although it does appear to have been largely replaced by the Citrus Zinger Sport, which looks like a fancier version and also has a straw in the cap – even better! Go grab one!

If you have any great tips for drinking more water that have worked for you, please do share them in the comments below!

NB: This post is not in any way sponsored by the folks who make the Citrus Zinger! Any products endorsed on this blog are here purely because we’ve found them ourselves, use them and genuinely love them!


Title image by Victor Hanacek