Family Jukebox: a family-friendly musical jaunt

Bringing you our recommendations of what we’ve been listening to as a family.. music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids music’.

One of my favourite things is daft dancing with my 4 year old daughter, singing along and hearing her get the lyrics of the songs sometimes very wrong (usually with my twin boys looking on in total confusion). These songs have been bouncing off the walls in our house this weekend…

The Allergies, Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper)
Jalapeno Records (2016)

Featuring Ugly Ducklings Andy Cooper rapping faster than solar rays travelling to Earth, this track races along with classic samples and beats. Tricky for my 4 year old to follow the lyrics.. infact I’m pretty sure she’s not aware there are lyrics.. just a man making strange noises that she likes.

Harry Belafonte, Jump in the Line (Shake, Señora)
From the album Jump Up Calypso (1958), RCA

A sunshine-inducing calypso body jiggler which somehow seems to make doing really monotonous parenthood jobs like washing up after breakfast REALLY FUN… especially when all everyone in the kitchen wants to do is dance. More air trumpets!!!

Dobie Gray, The ‘In’ Crowd
From the album Dobie Gray Sings for ‘In’ Crowders That Go “Go Go” (1964)

Pottering about with the kids – The in crowd “spending cash, talking trash” …until they reach the age when they want nothing to do with you because you do embarrassing parenty things like wearing socks with sandals.. (actually, think that’s fashionable again?) “if it’s square we aint there”. A lovely Northern Soul gem that lyrically has a new meaning for me now that I’m a parent.

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