Family Jukebox: a family-friendly musical jaunt
Bringing you our recommendations of what we’ve been listening to as a family.. music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids music’.

Zombie artwork

Jamie T, Zombie (NB music video NOT kid-friendly!)
From the album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ (2014)

This is one of Joe’s favourite songs. Apart from his obvious glee that he can listen to a song about zombies (given that he knows he hasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of watching anything about them), it’s a riotous, fun, energetic, crescendoing song that always makes the pair of us bounce around like idiots.


Jungle, Busy Earnin’
From the album ‘Jungle’ (2014)

Another favourite of Joe’s. Confident, upbeat with booming basslines, horns and a distinctly disco-ey vibe, it’s hard not to like it or want to dance to it. It also makes Joe put on his ‘badass’ face when he listens to it, which never stops being amusing.


Men At Work, Down Under
From the album ‘Business As Usual’ (1982)

One of my all time favourites. I bloody love this song. Its wonderfully ridiculous lyrics and multiple opportunities for daft actions to go with them make it a firm favourite with the kids. It’s just an unrelentingly happy song that always puts a smile on my face and cheers me up no matter what. The video is a belter too.


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