Family Jukebox: a family-friendly musical jaunt

We regularly share recommendations of what we’ve been listening to with our family… music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids’ music’. Some new music to the grown ups and some old which is totally fresh and potentially mind blowing to the kids… it’s great to see their reaction to songs we know and love so well.

With it being Fathers’ Day weekend we thought we’d dedicate this months Family Jukebox to all of the top notch Dads out there… Good work Dads! #skills #kudos

Young Fathers, Nest
From the album White men are black men too (2015), Big Dada

Something about this song almost rings like a chime in a sort of Phil Spector way. The lovely uplifting heart warming vocal really pops out over the continuous ‘Baby baby baby baby…’ and satisfyingly full jangly sounding production. Our fave track by the Mercury Prize winning Edinburgh band – all named after their fathers!

Stealers Wheel, Stuck in the middle with you
From the album Stealers Wheel (1972), A&M

Another Scottish band! Yep.. One of the biggest tracks on the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack but try and disassociate ‘that scene’ for now.. it is a family blog after all. With lyrics like, “Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you,” and, “Trying to make some sense of it all but I can see that it makes no sense at all,” I think a lot of Dads can relate this to fatherhood (or maybe that’s just the case in our house). Warning: this song may induce Dad strutting.

Beastie Boys, Intergalactic
From the album Hello Nasty (2009), Capitol Records

Dad dancing! Dad dancing! Dad dancing! There’s even a Dad-dancing robot who battles a weird, giant, B-movie style purple squid head monster in the video. Try throwing your best angular hip-hop body movin’ shapes to match the energy of the raucous, shouty Beastie Boys and see how impressed (or mortified depending on age) the youth of your household can be.


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