Family Jukebox: Playlist #1


We’re regularly going to share recommendations of what we’ve been listening to as a family… music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids’ music’. One of my favourite things is daft dancing with my 4 year old daughter, singing along and hearing her get the lyrics of the songs sometimes very wrong (usually with my twin boys looking on in total confusion).

These have gone down a storm lately in our house…

Field Music, The Noisy Days Are Over
From the album Commontime (2016) Memphis Industries.

Another seemingly effortless, finely crafted song from the Brewis Brothers, so many lovely elements of this song have induced some serious kitchen dancing, singing & air saxophone.. the harmonies, the percussion and a bonus made up word featured close to the end of the song “Awookachooka”… the music industry needs more made up words.

Goat, Run To Your Mama
From the album World Music (2012) Rocket Recordings.

Swedish experimental folk, rock psyche fusion? I’m not entirely sure what category it falls into but I know that it works!! Driving guitars, primal beats and vocals.. Lots of daft shamanic dancing goes on with this song – when they play live (as well as at our house).

The Beatles, Blackbird
From the double album The Beatles/The White Album (1968) Apple Records.

Paul McCartney’s vocal, a guitar and a foot tapping. So simple, lots of space in the music and a cheeky little false ending.. a perfect wind down/lullaby.

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  1. Love this feature. How about a list with the reverse, songs for kids that adults will like too ( or at the very least not drive them mad). The album ‘No’ by They Might be Giants kept us sane. Particular favourites ‘Fibber Island’ (everyone including the adults would take it in turns to make up their own lyric) and ‘Where do they make Balloons?’.

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