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Design, photography, food, home, style, craft and adventure… Our mission is to cut out fuss and frills to curate a simple, relatable pool of inspiration for families who want to enjoy the good things in life, without the hassle.

Combining family fun with work/life balance… a nutty equation still puzzling parents searching for a healthy level of happiness and sanity… We see family life as a massive, amazing learning curve that jumps between moments of, “This is ace!” and, “What the hell are we doing?!” We’d love the luxury of lots of time to navigate this curve, but for us (and most parents we know), our days are so full that we end up frantically trying to shoehorn in the good stuff without running ourselves into the ground.

We get excited about great design, photography, home, food, books, music, craft and adventure. We want inspiration for enjoying them with our families (and sometimes on our own!) but often come across aspirational ideas that take far too much time, money and hassle. Sometimes it’s amazing to spend lots of time and effort sourcing and creating something… and the end result is all the more special because it was such a labour of love. We get this. We have Pinterest folders full of projects like this that we HONESTLY will get round to. One day.

But for us, we want to make life easier. Sometimes… ok, let’s face it – pretty much ALL the time – we want and need ideas that give us maximum results for minimum ball-ache. This is what The Curve is all about… sifting through all the fluff and guff to pull together an easy, accessible resource of family-friendly things we personally love and enjoy… things that are simple, practical and doable… and that we hope you love too.




Hello, I’m Anna, one half of The Curve. I’m a family photographer and mentor based in Manchester, UK. My images are inspired by my love of people and their stories, and I specialise in honest, spirited photography that celebrates character, emotion and individuality. My work has been featured in various print and online press including Harper’s Bazaar, Digital Photographer Magazine, Wedding Magazine, Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress and Boho Weddings. I’m also incredibly proud to co-run the membership community and sisterhood for working mothers, THE MOTHERSHIP, alongside the lovely Helen of Guilty Mothers Club.

I live a busy life in sunny Manchester as a single mum to hilarious 13 year old chatterbox Joe and nutty toddler Huey. I spend my days juggling running my own business from home with motherhood and as many as possible of my favourite things, in particular gluten-free veggie food, cameras, any kind of books, crochet, karate, films, snowboarding when I can, interiors and music. Family and friends are everything to me, and nothing pleases me more than enjoying all these things with these guys by my side.



Hello there. I’m Caroline, the other half of The Curve. I’m a childrenswear designer, I sing with a band and as a session vocalist, I also do a bit of voiceover work. I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman but I think the correct term is probably ‘Jack of all trades’.

I live in South Manchester with my unknowingly very funny husband Tom who is an architect and our spirited little brood… 4 year old Orla who can only be described as vivacious and our baby twin boys Jude & Joseph, the most easy going happy little souls I’ve ever met (phew!) It’s a noisy little colourful house full of organised chaos and we love it.

Always pottering around with loads of projects going on, you’ll find me noseying at… I mean researching… anything that is either functional or beautiful. Music, films, people, places are also a real treat for me… life is never dull.

All photography ©  Anna Hardy / Caroline Sheehan unless otherwise specified