My 11 year old son Joe has been really keen to contribute to The Curve, so I’m delighted to introduce his first very own post! He loves books, so first up, he’s done his own ‘Book of the Week’ feature, Dark Lord (The Teenage Years) by Jamie Thomson, winner of the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize. He’ll be writing all of his own Books of the Week from now on, the big smarty pants, so do keep an eye out for his book recommendations for older children, and Caroline and I will keep on with the Books of the Week for the younger kids.

But now, over to Joe…!

“My book of the week is a hilarious book called Dark Lord, by award-winning author Jamie Thomson. It is about a supreme ruler of the darklands who gets banished onto Earth by his archenemy. He gets the body of a teenager and however much he tries to tell everyone that he is called Dark Lord, no one believes him and just thinks he is called Dirk Lloyd. I liked the book because it makes everything hilarious, even the action, and left me sniggering after every page. Dirk Lloyd gets thwarted with teenage problems when trying to escape earth and get revenge, for example by an enormous overdose of homework, or a terribly bad school report, and has to wait to serve justice to his archenemy. There are amazing illustrations which help you build pictures in your head about what the characters and scenes look like, and parts of it are written in diary form which help you understand how Dark Lord is feeling. It is very silly and comical and I think anyone with a good sense of humour and who reads long-ish books would love this! There are two other books in the series, which also look amazing and I would love to read them.”

Thanks so much Joe for helping out, and congratulations – you are now a published author! Proud of you, big man!

{Anna & Joe}