Fancy a quick and easy way to display loads of your photos? One that looks great, costs very little and takes up as much or as little space as you like?

Printing and framing family photos and putting them on our walls is something we all intend to do, but many of us rarely find the time to get round to actually doing. If you’re anything like me, on the rare occasion you do actually print them, the photographs sit forlornly in a corner gathering dust while I “sort out frames” for months on end, and when the momentous day finally arrives and I actually have prints, frames, hammer and picture hooks together in one place…. I look at the photos and realise that my kids don’t actually look anything like that any more…

Happily though, a couple of years ago I found an amazing solution!

This is my favourite wall in our home and everyone who passes through our house comments on it. It makes me smile every day, looks ace and cost relatively little in terms of money and time to create. It’s made up of loads of Inkifi’s Mini Prints, all using photos quickly and easily pulled from my photography Instagram account. They’re all just photos snapped on my iPhone and they are all those glorious ‘in between’, ordinary moments of daily life that you often don’t have your ‘proper’ camera around for – bathtimes, playtimes, messy faces, the light on the bedroom wall, kids’ craft projects & artwork, the garden, a favourite toy, torrential rain, a nice flower, a new outfit, crazy bed hair, the sea, a favourite purchase, a walk in the park, some cool clouds, a tasty dinner, days out, relatives, friends, messy nights out, daft things that made us laugh, dens, cuddles… and countless other things that are part of the fabric of our daily existence that at some point made us smile enough to grab the phone and take a picture. Many of them are pictures that we’d never actually get printed to frame as standalone images, but grouped together like this they are so meaningful as a little pictorial narrative of our lives.

It’s so quick and easy to order these – we tend to order batches of 80 for £19.99, although you can order in smaller batches of 20+. You just access your Instagram feed via the link on the Inkifi website, tick the photos you want printed and voilà! A cute little box of these ace prints gets shipped to you pronto! Then I literally just blu-tack them directly onto the wall. Of course you could frame them or put them on some kind of backing if you prefer, but I’m all about keeping things simple and easy. Plus it means that I can easily make the display bigger or smaller by adding/removing ones in two seconds flat, and I can also quickly and easily swap new ones in as and when I order a new batch and want to update them. If you don’t have your own Instagram account, fear not, you can still do this! The website has a link where you can upload the images directly from your phone or computer 🙂

It’s so worth doing… in the chaos of family life it’s easy to forget all the little moments, and on the days when you feel like you’re not doing many exciting things it’s easy to forget that you actually do and see really cool stuff all the time! Having all those ace little moments and sights pulled together like this is a really nice life-affirming and heart-warming thing to do. I hope you like it, go grab yourselves a set!