52 Project – a photo a week, every week, of each of my two lads


Joe’s transformation from my cute little lad to tween terror is well underway. This week he announced that he wanted to spend his pocket money on aftershave. After me vetoing a series of truly repugnant scents, Joe and I finally agreed on CK One, which at least makes him smell like he’s had a shower (small blessings). He has been liberally dousing himself with this stuff pretty much on the hour, every hour, since he purchased it. As you can see, he’s VERY proud of it. Here he is, posing with his new favourite possession, doing his best ‘blue steel’. Lord help us all.


Huey loves the shed, in particular, hiding in it, then bursting out of it. The extension of his tongue directly correlates with his levels of excitement. As you can see, he is really excited about being in the shed.