52 Project – a photo a week, every week, of each of my two lads

Anna Hardy - 094 - D66A4899

This weekend we went to A Day At The Lake festival at the beautiful Rudyard Lake in Staffordshire – I was photographing it, and thought it looked like the perfect day out for the family, so I took Adam and the kids along, as well as my dad, stepmum, niece and nephew. It was absolutely brilliant and I’ll write a proper piece about it soon. Despite the rain, the kids had a whale of a time rampaging around and exploring. This was the high point for Joe… Learning that he was allowed to go back with his cousins and stay with his grandparents that night. Yes, he was THAT excited to escape me.

Anna Hardy - 120 - D66A4984

Huey had a brilliant day and loved exploring and splashing around in the puddles. Technically this should have been the high point of his day – he absolutely loves trains and this was a ride on a proper steam train. However, it was towards the end of the day, he’d completely bypassed his lunchtime nap, and he decided not only that the train was NOT his favourite thing, but that is was pretty much the worst thing in the world. He did that going-rigid-like-he’s-made-of-steel thing, burst out crying and shook his head like we were trying to take him into some kind of hellhole. He did stop crying when this picture was taken – slightly flummoxed at being completely surrounded by steam just before it set off (by the set of Adam’s mouth, I remember he was doing a ‘choo choo!’ to try to encourage a modicum of excitement) – then he promptly fell fast asleep and missed the entire train ride. Good times!