127 - Sheehan - D66A0134Photo by Anna Hardy

Not got any fake dog poo, plastic bugs or a whoopee cushion handy? That’s alright.. you don’t need them. We’ve got some easy April Fools’ Day tricks right here using everyday stuff, mild acts of mischief (and just plain old mind games)..

Topsy Turvy house
Before you go to bed turn bits of furniture and picture frames etc. upside down/the wrong way round. In the morning act like it’s how things usually are.

Change the clocks and wake them up an hour early
Only do this if you would be up at that time anyway of course!!!

Start getting them dressed in mums/dads/older siblings clothes
…and act surprised like they have shrunk in their sleep.

Serve breakfast in all of the wrong dishes
Porridge in a teacup, juice in a bowl, toast on a massive tray etc… dolls’ tea set if you have one.

Freeze their cereal the night before
In the morning top it up with milk a little so it looks totally normal at the surface.

Pretend that a tooth just came out at breakfast
…using a small piece of chalk.

photo by Ryan McGuire webPhoto by Ryan McGuire

Magic milk!
Put a couple of drops of food colouring at the bottom of their bowl before putting the cereal in – when they add the milk it will change colour.

Jelly Drink
Prepare a morning drink the night before using gelatine powder, hand them their milk/juice in the morning and see how long it is before they notice that it’s set.

Put your clothes on backwards
… and pretend that it’s completely normal.

Squash some toilet paper down the toes of their shoes
… so they think their feet may have grown over night.

Toilet talk
Unroll the loo roll a bit, draw a funny picture/write a daft message on it and roll it back up.. ready for their turn.

Serious Chat
Sit them down and admit to them that their real name is actually something ridiculous like Ivor Bigbottom or Justin Case.. you’ve just being using their current name to keep things quite normal for them.

Clingfilm up their school books
Toys in the toybox, their shoes, their mobile phone, the remote control!!

Have Fun!