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Coconut & Strawberry Loaf {sugar-free, gluten-free recipe from Mum Amie}

This is a great little recipe from Mum Amie that I pinched from my friend Cristina after happily gobbling it at her house. Huey had gone round to play with her daughter Eva and Cristina had kindly done some baking for us! It’s brilliant for the kiddos because it’s got absolutely no processed sugar in it at all […]

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Mega-simple, 2 ingredient, gluten-free breakfast: Banana Pancakes

When I first stopped eating gluten a couple of years ago (I’ll write more about this another time), the meal I found trickiest to adapt to was breakfast. Obviously you can have toast if you buy gluten-free bread from the supermarket, but a) it’s more expensive than rare diamonds, and b) it’s crap. Unless, that is, […]

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