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Joe’s book of the week: Dark Lord (The Teenage Years)

My 11 year old son Joe has been really keen to contribute to The Curve, so I’m delighted to introduce his first very own post! He loves books, so first up, he’s done his own ‘Book of the Week’ feature, Dark Lord (The Teenage Years) by Jamie Thomson, winner of the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize. […]

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Father’s Day Part 1: 20 great gifts for under £50

It’s that time of year again when women all over the country tear out their hair trying to think of a suitable present for their menfolk aka The Species Most Impossible To Buy For. Or at least, I do. I find buying gifts for my own husband hard enough, but for my own Pops it’s even tougher, […]

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Orla’s book of the week: Mr Tiger Goes Wild

The first of our new regular feature… our little peoples’ Book Of The Week – first up, Orla! Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (Publisher – Little, Brown and Company) “Everyone was perfectly fine with the way things were. Everyone but Mr. Tiger. And then came the day when Mr. Tiger had a very…wild…idea.” I’m a sucker […]

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Little Books for Big Questions #1: Everybody Poos

Had that moment where you’re cruising through the day thinking.. “Yeah, I’ve totally nailed this parenting lark,” when your child turns to you and asks you a blinder of a question which completely throws you… Do you answer honestly? How much information do you need to give? Do you use the official words for things? […]

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