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Family Jukebox playlist #6

Family Jukebox: a family-friendly musical jaunt We regularly share recommendations of what we’ve been listening to with our own families… Music that is totally accessible to younger ears but not ‘kids’ music’. Don’t be afraid to Dad-dance in the dining room – there are definitely no nursery rhymes here… Tom Tom Club, Wordy Rappinghood From the […]

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10 great rugs for kids’ rooms

If, like me, you have a weakness for a nice rug, you’ll probably at some point have come across the dreaded taste-vacuum that is the world of “kids’ rugs”. So I had a good rummage through the internet to find some ace rugs that will brighten up kids’ rooms without compromising on style and without breaking the bank. […]

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Really easy April Fools’ Day tricks to pull on the kids!

Photo by Anna Hardy Not got any fake dog poo, plastic bugs or a whoopee cushion handy? That’s alright.. you don’t need them. We’ve got some easy April Fools’ Day tricks right here using everyday stuff, mild acts of mischief (and just plain old mind games).. Topsy Turvy house Before you go to bed turn […]

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10 great mugs for under £10

I’m very partial to a good mug. To me, drinking from a great mug is such a pleasure, and since I’ve become a bit of a collector over the years, I’ve made them double up as décor in our kitchen by hanging them on a rail. This little display is one of those small things that pleases me inside […]

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IKEA: 6 simple treasures for kids’ rooms

Most of us have a real love/hate relationship with IKEA. Yes, it’s infuriating… the crowds, the enormous bunch of labels you can never quite fully rip out, the labyrinthine layout, the way the holes never *quite* line up on self-assembly items, the way you feel like a tit when you have to call the products by their […]

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10 great kids’ lights

1. Giant Miffy Light – £195 Oversized budget blowing brilliant bunny 2. Cable & Cotton String Ball Fairy Lights – from £22.95 You can also select your own colour combination! 3. Moon Night Light – £16.50 4. Heico Large Mushroom Lamp – £54 5. Pink Flamingo Party Lights – £11.99 6. Ice Lolly String Lights – […]

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Hello World!

It’s finally here! A big, warm welcome to The Curve! We are Anna and Caroline, it’s lovely to meet you! We’re a photographer and a childrenswear designer (you can read more about us here if you like) but most importantly, we’re both busy mums with chaotic little broods and a passion for family, friends and enjoying the good things […]

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