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Photography 52 Project: week 19/52 {the Inland Sea}

52 Project – a photo a week, every week, of each of my two lads JOE The Inland Sea is pretty much my favourite part of Anglesey. There’s something so serene and magical about it and it always gives me goosebumps to walk around it or get in it. It’s brill for crabbing so we spent […]

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How to drink more water – the Citrus Zinger!

I have never drunk enough water. Pretty much any article I read these days tells me I need to sort this out. Clear your skin…. DRINK MORE WATER! Feeling tired?…   DRINK MORE WATER! Speed up your brain… DRINK MORE WATER! A bit grumpy?… DRINK MORE WATER! Can’t find the house keys?…. DRINK MORE WATER! You […]

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