quick workouts for tired busy parents

“What did we do with all our time before we had a kid???”… said every parent ever. As most parents do, I go through busy phases that only leave a small window of potential fitness/social/hobby time between life’s responsibilities and being eye-rollingly knackered.

I am nowhere close to being a fitness expert but I do like being able to keep my strength and stamina levels up in order to contend with all of this rolling work and parenting lark that seems to be filling up this stage of my life. I try and get out for a run, sign myself up for organised 10Ks, get out to the odd yoga class and am a member of a local gym… although at the moment, being a member of my local gym translates as a monthly direct debit being paid in exchange for them sending me an occasional text message saying, “Caroline we miss you”.

The intention is there and I don’t make excuses for myself – I do enjoy going to the gym… nobody there asks me for a cup of milk or to wipe their bum (thankfully)… it’s precious me-time. But we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over a bit of gym absenteeism – I’ve learnt to cut myself some slack and find alternative workouts that I can do in my own home, which work with the time I have and the energy I’m willing to commit until things calm down a bit (…because they will… won’t they??!!)

For those of you who can relate, I’ve selected a few workouts of different styles and for different abilities – perfect for when your manic Monday continues on throughout the whole week (or month) – all requiring minimal time, equipment, space and sleep-deprived motivation… Also, I don’t find them annoying… there’s nothing worse than bad editing or an instructor you want to throw a water bottle at mid-workout.

quick workouts for tired busy parents

Under 10 minutes

Mens Health – 2 Dumbbells, 5 Minutes, No Rest — One Fat-Melting Finisher (5 mins)

Yoga with Adriene – 7 minute Yoga Boost (7 mins)

There are also a few 7 minute workout apps on the market, which are great. Some of them have free basic versions of the apps which are a bit no-frills but they do the job and keep you interested… definitely worth exploring.

Under 20 minutes

Ana Caban – Pilates Energy boost workout (12 mins)

The Betty Rocker – 15-Minute Fat-Burning Full Body Shred HIIT Workout (15 mins)

The Body Coach – HIIT Home Workout for beginners (20 mins)